Employment Opportunities

The McIlveen Family Law Firm offers competitive compensation packages with excellent benefits. We value education and experience in all of our staff members. If you are the type of person who works well independently, understands personal accountability, and wants a place where you can continue to grow in your career, then come find out why we continue to make the Best Places to Work list each year!

Yes, we do have a hammock room where you can take a quick nap, an onsite employee fitness center, cafe with free snacks and beverages, and a rooftop deck but that isn’t why you should work for us. We only hire the best and the brightest. If you are an A team player and you love being surrounded by people who work hard and play hard then you have found the right place.

We practice and work together based on the shared values of respect, willingness to learn, compassion, enthusiasm, and honesty. We value teamwork and you will only fit in at our firm if you are a team player. No one is considered a second-class citizen here and everyone participates. Each year we go on a four-day firm retreat to prepare for the upcoming year. We spend time learning and setting goals for the next year. Previous firm retreats have been in Cancun, Puerto Rico, and most recently the Bahamas.

We look for people who can take direction without attitude, are self-starters, and who are optimistic. If you were the kind of kid in school whose parent had to check Blackboard to make sure you did your homework, you complain when asked to do a task, or you have ever said “that’s not my job” then this is not the place for you to work. In addition, this is not an 8 am- 5 pm position. If you have issues staying late, plans on every Saturday, or need to leave at 5 pm to walk the dog you are not going to fit at this firm, so do not apply. Many days you will leave at 5 pm and we certainly do not work every Saturday but when there is work on the desk, you will be expected to stay late.

While we appreciate your interest, please do not call or email us. Applications only accepted online.